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MIT PATEL 1 week ago
To resolve the identity crisis, clarify genre definitions, educate about cultural influences, respect origins, promote diversity, and foster open dialogue.

AceWrld 3 weeks ago

One way to address this is by focusing on authenticity and staying true to the core values of the brand or individual. By being genuine and transparent, it can help differentiate and solidify identity amidst the changing landscape. It's essential to understand the target audience and adapt while maintaining the essence that sets you apart. 

Adeola Adeyemi 3 weeks ago
I think it’s about “thinking out of the box” I mean with the help of almighty Afrobeat is now worldwide and I feel like we can bring more awareness to other African genres or even create something new

Chukwudi Aligbo 3 weeks ago
Saying I’m an afrobeats artist is like saying I’m an EPL or a Laliga footballer, that’s a box. I wanna diversify and sing different genres, I’m an artist not and afrobeats artist 

Abdu Abubakre 1 month ago
lol coz everyone is trying to differentiate themselves… no b you go tell me d genre I think your music is